Premium Telekung

Exclusive, comfortable and quality prayer wear for your daily prayers.

A perfect gift for HER

Here's why you need to own a Jenna telekung

Exclusive Colours

We maintain exclusiveness by bringing in different colours each collection. Only popular colours will make a come back. Even so, it may be in a slightly different shade or pantone.

Love at first sight? Be sure to purchase it right away. You will never know if it will make a come back once  it is sold out.

Premium Quality Material

Our top 3 staple materials below are definitely our best sellers! When comes to material, we find it difficult to recommend the best, as it is really a personal preference. If you find it difficult to decide, suggest to select based on your preference colour or material. 

Premium Lycra range uses a synthetic elastic fabric, extremely cooling and opaque. It is medium weight and ironless, best for home use. If you are a plus size, pick this range for exceptional comfort!

Premium Cotton Candy range uses the finest premium cotton, cooling, matte feel, opaque and lightweight. Easy to maintain with minimum crease.

Luxe Satin range uses the finest matte satin silk, cooling, slight sheen and opaque. Medium slippery and lightweight fabric that drapes well with minimal crease.  

Every purchase includes...

A matching 2-in-1 telekung bag that can be converted into mini sajadah, perfect size as an alas sujud, exclusive Jenna signature gift box, signature Jenna paper bag and a wish card for you to personalise your gift message to your loved ones..

Elegant Telekung Hantaran

Are you a bride-to-be or know someone getting hitch soon? Jenna telekung is a MUST have in your check list for wedding tray or gift for your loved ones.

Have us in mind!


This is my 2nd purchase from Jenna. Love the materials of the telekung so much! Spoilt for choices and the colours too.

Shasmeen Yousuf

The telekung feels so comfortable 😍, its very light and cooling, the colours are also very pleasing. ❤ the excellent service. Thank you for the great service @jennamuslimwearsg!

Sumarni Giman

The telekung was a perfect gift from my husband! It is not only pleasing to the eyes but it is also so comfortable too. If we can dress our best to meet people, why not dress our best in meeting our Creator? Syukran Jenna Muslim Wear SG!

Raudah Rahman